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About Michael Volpe,
Owner of Fox Vending Repairs and Sales

Fox Vending Repairs and Sales is owned and operated by Michael Volpe. Michael became an expert at equipment refurbishing and repair during his career as a vending operator. Michael got his start in the industry in 1984 where he found the best of both worlds by exiting his role as an operator and turning his focus to refurbing and repairing vending equipment.

Mike Volpe (2004) - Featured in Vending Times

Fox Vending refurbishes and upgrades pre-owned full-line and bulk vending equipment to like-new condition. “We are the body shop of Vending”. Whether the task involves pure aesthetics, such as updating a machine by replacing outdated finish with contemporary vinyl and paint to suit modern area treatments, upgrading internal electronics, or restoring a machine that’s been damaged or vandalized as well refrigeration repairs.

The company also repairs coin mechanisms and bill validators, supplies operators with a wide range of parts, and provides repair service for vending equipment in the field.

Through his strong reputation for equipment repair and service, Michael has secured contracts with large companies. Other operators in the region also rely on Michael’s prompt, professional service and reasonable prices.

Michael Volpe

Looking for something very specific or need a repair service performed? Michael can help you out.

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